Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Deep in the Heart...with a hella sunburn!

So, we have had some travel recently.

The duch and I flew to Oklahoma City.

Then JWB and the #1son drove in a few days later.

Then I got on another plane and flew to Texas.

South Texas that is.

South, South Texas that is.

But I saw the ocean! From the plane, but still.

Oh, and I FINALLY scored the drink tickets from SWA! WOOTWOOT. Is it wrong that I used them all on the first leg? No I didn't. (or DID I......)

Sidebar: Who in the hockeystick thought it was a good idea to take 7 years of french classes when CLEARLY that is NOT THE DIRECTION THIS COUNTRY IS GOING.

Wait, that was me.

Another fabulously romantic idea gone awry, but I digress.

Tomorrow, we have some more travel plans.

JWB and the Duchess are headed back to the Zonie via SWA. 

Me? After a great, super sunburney (is that even a word?!) run in McAllen/Mission TX, I am off to another hallway adventure in RIchmond, VA.


And #1Son? He is holding down the newfound family fort in OKC for a few days. Testing out the old solo bachelor waters so to speak. Hope there are no tornaders. 

No seriously, I hope there are no tornaders, that would be bad because dude wont even notice since he brought his xbox, ipod, phone and has a remarkable ability to shut out the outside and not hear like the entire world flying past his window.

I do like saying and writing the word tornaders though. Except Karin Chopin would be screaming THAT IS NOT A WORD. (snicker)

Unrelatedly, I am astounded by this sunburn. It's life changing I think. My nose may not recover. We may need to amputate. Or maybe not so much. But did you know that I think the sun is closer to the earth here in South SOuth SOUTH Texas? I mean I live in Phoenix for the love of GOD. But this? This is worthy. I mean I look like a total know until the red passes and then MY FACE STARTS TO PEEL OFF.

I guess this is God's way of giving me cheapo microdermabrasion/fakefacelift......right?

Anyways, off to the NORTH from way, way, way SOUTH tomorrow. 

Wishing for Sunday already, miss you mi casa and mi familia.

Thats spanish. just in case you took 7 years of french like me.

Peace, love, mojic....and no hablo espanol....

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